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The Launch

Category Projection Mapping
Date October 2, 2014

We had an amazing launch party at our offices in London. This has been captured on our Facebook link as well as Hospitality Interiors : “Interior design has always been an integral part of Haskoll Architects and Designers, and as such the organisation has launched Studio H as a separate brand. Keeping up to date with current trends and product launches is a top priority for the company and, using this knowledge couple of with the technical expertise of Haskoll, the team feels it has a head start. Studio H’s talented interior design and graphics team combine their architectural background to meet with creativity and understanding of art and design. With a wealth of experience in interiors, the team has a strong technical background, as well as the strategic creative thinking needed to come up with strong concepts which can be developed into working environments. Studio H provides a holistic service to assist clients from a variety of sectors in maximizing the potential of their businesses.”