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Published May 20, 2015

It’s a postcard!

When every picture you take looks like a postcard and there’s no need for any photoshopping to people pictures, you know you have entered a land of Happiness! Santorini was the dream place for a couple to get married and I wanted to be part of that! We stayed in Thira, perfect location to get everywhere within a 20 minute drive.

Not only is Santorini a glorious place for amazing views, fresh food… breathtaking architecture over the Caldera with quaint and adorable interiors, its ambience and mood just lifts your spirit and the sun seems to glisten over every surface. Among the narrow paths of the island there are the beautiful churches, architectural jewels that blend in the island's landscape, and is definitely a place worth visiting!

We found some time to also visit the prehistoric town in Akrotiri that was covered by the volcanic catastrophe in 1627 B.C. It was truly fascinating with an impressive covered building over the ruins allowing visitors to get a closer look. Well done to the archaeologists!