• TEAMS Education Block

    The East African Missionary Society’s (TEAMS) Education Block in Northern Uganda, designed by Haskoll, started on site in March 2013.

    The first stage, involved site clearance, foundations and oversite was completed ahead of schedule and 15% under budget.

    The second stage commenced later in the year when a team of volunteers from the UK arrived to help the local labour erect the walls which will be made from burnt mud bricks, made on site. The completed building provides a much needed facility for TEAMS who provide adult literacy and “Skills for Life” training to the local community in this remote part of central Africa.

    In February and March 2014 with the third phase this essentially self-build project finally got its roof on with just the rendering and veranda required to complete the shell. It is destined to become the hub of the mission’s adult literacy and sewing enterprise classes which have proved very successful but have had to be held in other less suitable buildings. Thanks to the efforts of the many volunteers and the use of local labour and materials, the build cost is only around £20 per sq ft.

    Haskoll continue to provide consultancy advice on an ongoing ‘pro bono’ basis to this worthy charity and further buildings are being considered.




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