• Eastgate

    As part of the total Haskoll refurbishment of the Eastgate Centre, the food court was a specific area that was remodelled. The new 'Food Terrace' is located on the upper level approx 13,500 sq. ft. in size with seating for 650 people.

    The 'Food Terrace' is arranged as a series of units along a 'ribbon of light' around a central seating area. and links seamlessly to the new award winning Public Toilets and Child Care facilities. The design breaks away from that of the traditional food court and offers a young, stylish environment.

    New toilet facilities have also been constructed to the highest environmental standards. The need to include significant water saving initiatives was placed high on the sustainability agenda, a rainwater harvesting system was introduced with dual flush WCs to save as much water, there are flushing sensors also saving water consumption. Lights are activated on sensors and Eastgate was the first centre in the world to introduce Dyson Airblade hand driers - using 83% less energy.




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